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Although we are Certified Dental clinic in Ujjain, you’ll be pleased to know that, our prices are very affordable along with the seamless treatment for your dental problems with care.

As it is NOT possible to predict/give exact "cost estimate of treatment" without examining the patient, we give quotations/cost estimate only AFTER checking the patient at our clinic. After a clinical examination, we will give you an honest advice on what is “best for your teeth”, the various treatment options to solve your dental problems, and the 'exact cost' of treatment.

We follow a very fair and transparent policy in our dealings with patients. Our treatment costing is based on the following Price List, all according to the IDA guidelines and it is SAME for both our Local and NRI patients. .

Treatment Charges
Treatment Approximate Charges
1: Registration Fees Rs 100/- (One Time*)-
2: Check-Up Fees Rs 200/- (Valid for 10 Days)-
3: Digital X-Ray Rs 200/- (for IOPA) & Rs 500/- (for Panaroma-OPG)
4: Tooth color fillings / Core Build-up Rs 600/- to 1200/- (for filling) & Rs 1000/- to 2500/ (for tooth build-up)
5: Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) Rs 3000/- (Home Bleach) to Rs 10,000/- (Zoom Advance)
6: Extraction of tooth Rs 200/- (Loose) to Rs 2000/- (surgical)
7: Wisdom Tooth Removal Rs 2000/- (Normal) to Rs 6000/- (Complex Surgical)
8: Scaling & Polishing (Teeth Cleaning) Rs 1000/- to Rs 2500/-
9: Metal Crown (Non-precious) Rs 1000/- to Rs 2000/- (Nickel-free crown)
10: Tooth Colour Acrylic / Composite Crown Rs 500/- (temporary) & Rs 1000/- (heat-cured)
11: Ceramic (Porcelain Fused to Metal) Crowns / Bridges Rs 2000/- to Rs 3500/- (per unit cap)
12: Metal Free Ziriconia Crowns & Bridge, Ceramic Veneers Rs 3500/- to Rs 10,000(per crown) With Warranty
13: Root Canal Treatment (RCT) Rs 2000/- (anterior) to Rs 3500/- (molar)
14: Complete Denture (Upper or Lower) Rs 7500/- to 11,000/- to Rs 25,000/-
15: Cast Metal / Flexible Partial Dentures Rs 4500/- to Rs 15,000/-
16: Gum / Periodontal Surgery Rs 2500/- to Rs 6000/- (per quadrant)
17: Dental Implants Rs 18000/- to Rs 30,000/- ( with warranty )
18: Orthodontic (Braces) Treatment Rs 25,000/- to Rs 1,50,000/-
19: Composite Esthetic Restoration Rs 800/- to Rs 2500/-
20: Other Procedures A Prior Check-Up is required by doctors, to quote !
*In case of loss, or displacement of prescription registration charges should be paid again. **On Camp days, we provide FREE Registration to all patients, as well as totally free registration for patients who have booked online appointment from website. An Initiative under our CSR scheme, & to promote Digital India !
Final Cost estimate can only begiven after check up is done. Prices may vary from patient to patient depending upon the condition & severity.

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